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Gilbert Drug Rehab Centers provides anyone in need of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction with a free advisory service in pairing them with a well-respected and highly reputable addiction treatment center. With all of the free services that we provide for those afflicted with addiction, we may be compensated from our featured or sponsored listings. The services that we provide as addiction treatment advisors first begin with an initial assessment. In this assessment, we ask you a series of questions to help us gain a clearer understanding as to your overall needs for treatment. The questions that we ask you to determine the best course of action to take involve information based on the following:

  • Your overall financial situation with respect to what you can afford for treatment
  • Your medical insurance information and coverage costs for treatment
  • If you have a pre-existing mental illness that requires additional treatment
  • The amount of time in which you want to remain in treatment
  • Your preference on seeking inpatient treatment or an outpatient rehab program
  • Whether you wish to seek treatment near your place of residence or out-of-state

Upon the final completion of this assessment, we research through our nationwide network of highly-acclaimed drug and alcohol rehab centers to match you with one that meets all of your required criteria. For example, if you reside in Gilbert, Arizona and wish to be admitted into a rehab center addiction treatment in Gilbert, or a center within close its proximity, we can make it happen.

We go through the entire admissions process for you with respect to contacting your medical insurance company to ensure that you are covered, as well as contacting the treatment facility that we pair you with to have you admitted as quickly as possible.  

The only action required of you is to pick up the phone and call Gilbert Drug Rehab Centers to speak to an addiction advisor about your options. Call (877) 804-1531 now.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Gilbert

Gilbert Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

Drug and alcohol addiction runs rampant all throughout the nation, and despite efforts made by the US government and law enforcement agencies, the epidemic will never go away. Alcoholism is especially prevalent given the simple fact that alcohol is a legal addictive substance that is easily attainable.

Substance addiction, most commonly defined as the inability to abstain from abusing addictive substances like drugs and alcohol, plagues the lives of millions of Americans from all walks of life. Often referred to as a condition of the body and mind, also known as the “disease of addiction,” addiction can only lead an addict down self-destructive paths.

There are many possible reasons why people become addicts. Oftentimes, people resort to drugs and alcohol as a means for a temporary escape from internal conflicts, feelings of extreme discomfort (mentally and physically), or memories of past traumatic instances.

Another common reason why people resort to substance abuse is to self-medicate a pre-existing psychological condition that they are afflicted with. When an addict has a pre-existing psychological condition, they have what is called a “dual diagnosis.” Abusing drugs and alcohol for means of self-medicating a dual diagnosis is never the answer, as it does not resolve the problem in an effective manner.

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Because addicts with a dual diagnosis are such a commonality, there is a high demand for addiction treatment facilities to implement dual diagnosis treatment programs to simultaneously treat both conditions. Many of the high-quality treatment centers that we pair you with have dual diagnosis treatment programs available, along with a wide variety of alternative and holistic treatment methods to help you recover in an effective manner.

So if you’re an addict with a dual diagnosis currently residing in Gilbert, Arizona and you wish to seek treatment at a drug rehab in Gilbert or in a city within its close proximity, then we can help. As highly trained and knowledgeable addiction treatment advisors that work with Gilbert Drug Rehab Centers, we can match you with a facility that will provide you with the treatment that you need.

You are the only person standing in your way of living the life that you deserve, which does not involve the self-inflicted pain and suffering caused by drug and alcohol abuse. You can achieve all of your goals and regain control of your life. You just have to make the choice, as no one can make the choice for you.

To speak with an addiction advisor about what treatment options are available for you, call Gilbert Drug Rehab Centers at (877) 804-1531. There is no time to waste here. Don’t hesitate for another moment, call now.

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